Cat5 gains strategic edge by quickly implementing multiple ecommerce websites.

Cat5 Commerce is a privately owned Internet retail company that has opened six stores, including BDU.COM,,,,, and since its launch in 2004. All six stores are supported by the company's shared call and fulfillment centers, warehouses and premium suppliers. Cat5’s vision for success involves developing and operating multiple online stores, destinations and marketplaces based on boutique, niche product categories, and marquis domain names.


Founded in 2004, Cat5 Commerce is a privately owned Internet retail company that develops and operates sophisticated ecommerce destinations utilizing cutting edge technology and comprehensive online marketing strategies.


Customer Success Overview

Ecommerce Business Challenge

Cat5’s previous ecommerce platform inhibited business growth by forcing the company to manage multiple stand alone ecommerce stores. The customer shopping cart experience suffered from inadequate search and filtering capabilities and inability to customize site experiences.


Znode’s Multifront® platform was selected because of its ability to develop and maintain multiple ecommerce websites from a single admin and its accessibility of open source code for unique branding and customization.

  • Access of Multifront source code allows for complete customization - resulting in innovative and unique features that are relevant to various audiences
  • Multifront’s Faceted Navigation has resulted in fewer abandonments and increased sales
  • Multifront’s easy integration with third party systems, like suppliers and vendors, increased efficiency and lowered costs


Among the many things Cat5 wanted to offer its customers was comprehensive search and filtering functionality. With Multifront, customers on Cat5’s can now select from extensive filtering characteristics - such as waterproofing, VIBRAM outsoles, colors, side zip or steel toes - to find the perfect pair of boots. The filtering is done in real time without reloading the screen. With access to Multifront’s source code, Cat5 has also customized each storefront with innovative features that have had a positive impact on the overall shopping experience.

With each subsequent store launch, Cat5 is getting faster and more efficient, leveraging Multifront’s multi-store capability to quickly and easily administer each of its storefronts. When a new feature is developed, it’s easily deployed across all stores. All product information is accessed through a single online catalog, and because of the shared, integrated back-end infrastructure, Cat5 splits fulfillment and customer service costs across all of its stores. Today, Cat5 is building for the future by managing all ecommerce operations from a single touch point supported by an infrastructure that will allow the company to grow significantly and offer more relevant experiences to its customers.

Customer Thoughts

"After opening and operating three stores, we recognized that we needed a solution that would allow us to quickly replicate our process and procedures, share resources and facilitate customization and integration so that we could achieve the scalability that we wanted."
- Chad Weinman, President and Co-Founder

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