Design personalized ecommerce shopping cart experiences that improve conversions and ROI.

Ecommerce has evolved. Online shoppers have more options and power than ever before and companies can no longer use a one-size-fits-all ecommerce business strategy. Online shoppers also demand more personalized and engaging ecommerce website experiences. To succeed, a "relevant ecommerce" strategy is needed. This type of strategy demands that messages, products, and promotions be personalized and made relevant to your online customers.

In order to implement a relevant ecommerce strategy, what you need is a way to quickly, easily, and inexpensively create ecommerce websites that provide exactly what shoppers are looking for. This is personalization with a purpose.

What Is Relevant Ecommerce Video

Learn more about what is relevant ecommerce, and the importance of creating highly relevant online experiences for your online shoppers.

Ecommerce business strategy for success

More companies are choosing to implement an ecommerce website strategy, meaning selling their products online, which will continue to become more competitive than ever before.

  • Ecommerce growth continues to accelerate
  • Online business is more competitive than ever
  • Industries outside of traditional retail are now selling direct to consumers
  • Online shoppers are demanding retail-like experiences

Download The Importance of Making Ecommerce Relevant for Today’s Online Customers Whitepaper

This whitepaper reveals why one-size-fits-all ecommerce business strategies are no longer effective and explains how to incorporate "relevant ecommerce" into your ecommerce website.

Ecommerce is growing rapidly

Global ecommerce continues to grow at more than 19% per year worldwide.*

As ecommerce business continues to trend upward, so do the challenges faced by companies trying to compete for online shoppers' business.

Customers want more personalized and targeted web store experiences, and if you’re not offering them one, they will seek it elsewhere.

*According to a recent report by Goldman Sachs

Ecommerce relevant to your industry.

  • Retail

    Znode provides the most flexible ecommerce platform on the market. Retailers can use Multifront® to easily and quickly create hundreds of customized, segmented, shopper-relevant ecommerce websites.

  • Manufacturing

    Znode provides manufacturers with a unique .NET ecommerce platform and toolset that allows them to create not just online stores, but segmented, customized, online catalogs to serve their separate customer bases, from wholesales to retailers to direct consumers.

  • Wholesale Distribution

    Znode has created an ecommerce platform in Multifront that is ideal for wholesale distributors. While other systems take months (up to 18) to implement a single comprehensive ecommerce store, Znode's solution helps distributors create ecommerce web sites and catalogs perfectly targeted at different B2B customers. Znode helps wholesalers to create relevant ecommerce shopping cart experiences.

  • Online Franchise Operations

    Znode's ability to create online marketplaces and to build unlimited numbers of customized commerce stores offers businesses based on a franchise model unique potential. Many manufacturers are also exploring this model for their entry into ecommerce. An online franchise model means that the enterprise can build a single data structure and each local franchise holder can manage their own ecommerce website.

Ecommerce business strategy relevant to your role.

  • Business

    Znode's ecommerce platform is a proven enterprise-class open source software for businesses looking to generate revenue in new markets or existing channels. Znode enables a business to rapidly enter new markets, take advantage of trends, fully customize the online shopping cart experience, create niche stores, completely personalize their ecommerce websites, and ultimately reach the end consumer when, where and how they choose to shop.

    From one ecommerce store to multiple online storefronts, Znode offers the business buyer the industry's fastest implementation to market and the best speed to revenue of any ecommerce option.

  • Marketer / Merchandiser

    Marketers and merchandisers have revenue goals and require high conversion rates. To compete, online marketers, merchandisers, and ecommerce business teams want and need the features and capability to spin up multiple online stores fast, test offers, and personalize content by region, city, or destination. They know their consumers better than anyone and require the flexibility to rapidly respond and react to trends in the market and showcase the products and services when and where consumers want them.

    The days of relying on IT resources and technical teams to deploy a new ecommerce web store, support multiple ecommerce websites, and test concepts is over. What marketing and ecommerce buyers require are direct administrative, easy-to-use tools that enable them to create, deliver, and drive literally hundreds of custom, relevant online shopping cart experiences for shoppers. No other ecommerce solution provides the speed, flexibility, and ease-of-use that Znode does.

  • Technical

    Znode's ecommerce solution platform is built with .NET developers in mind. Its standards based, extensible N-Tier design enables technical teams to seamless integrate through a web service APIs. Every ecommerce implementation is unique.  Flexibility, scale, and the ability to customize to your unique environment is a requirement.

    If you're asked by executive leadership, brand, or ecommerce management to launch multiple branded ecommerce sites, multiple catalog sites or promotional microstores, the Znode can handle this and can completely replace your existing ecommerce framework OR be implemented to augment an existing solution. The extensible, customizable solution once implemented provides the fastest speed to market of any .NET ecommerce software, allowing your marketing and merchandising team to quickly create, deliver, and drive multiple customized ecommerce sites in weeks, not months or years.


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