Launch One or Multiple eCommerce Stores Using a Single Dashboard

Znode is a multi-store eCommerce platform that lets you easily build one or hundreds of multi-brand websites using a single shared database. Whether you have multiple brands, product catalogs, or promotional multi-sites, Znode helps you deliver a comprehensive strategy through one single integrated system.


  • 100% customizable platform
  • Sell and promote an unlimited number of products
  • Supports use of distinct URLs and branding for each store
  • Features dynamic site search with type-ahead and faceted navigation
  • Offers SEO management and comprehensive marketing tools
  • Supports personalization for increased conversion

Znode helps you provide customers with a more customized website experience, leading to significantly increased conversions, improved customer acquisition, and a higher return on investment.

Znode nodes showing multi-store eCommerce
Multi Front Multi Store eCommerce Structure
Traditional eCommerce Structure


Manage Multiple Stores Across Multiple Brands

Companies are presented with a unique eCommerce challenge: How do you increase sales by providing a shopping experience that is both streamlined and personalized?

Znode is the answer.

Znode helps create unique, personalized websites for products, brands, B2B and B2C eCommerce, affiliates, franchisees, employee stores, co-branded web stores, and more. You can even quickly launch micro-stores for promotional campaigns.



Proactively Optimize your Customer Experience

  • Increase your reach among targeted customers
  • Improve your Google Quality Scores for pay-per-click advertising
  • Increase customer engagement
  • Reduce comparison shopping
Improve your customer experience with Znode



Freedom to Customize.

Znode features a highly flexible .NET open code framework which means your developers can easily customize each eCommerce store to meet unique business requirements. Each store can also be customized with its own unique appearance and advanced customizations such as integrations that can be shared across multi-store sites when necessary.

Customized eCommerce solution

Manage eCommerce Sites Using a Single, User-Friendly Dashboard

Znode’s powerful multi-store eCommerce shopping cart software lets you configure and manage all of your online storefronts using a single dashboard. This enables you to rapidly create new stores, run promotional campaigns, and manage customers with incredible ease. A powerful reporting capability is also included so you easily monitor activity across all stores.


Enterprise-Class Performance

The Znode eCommerce platform was built and tested to handle very high transaction volumes and visitor traffic. This means you can rest easy knowing you can operate hundreds of stores and accommodate millions of visitors using standard server configurations. Best of all, the system scales easily as your business grows.



Multi Store eCommerce For Multi Brand Websites

The Multifront multi-store eCommerce platform has limitless applications, but how do you apply such a platform in your company? An easy approach to see how a multi-store eCommerce strategy can be applied to your business is to examine the impact on your company's different departments.


  • Marketing

    Creating multiple online stores is an effective way to increase your ecommerce site's online "footprint" and this can be accomplished, for example, by building three distinct sites, each with a separate top-level domain to increase the search results. Separate keyword strategies can be used to drive traffic to these web stores without cannibalizing the main store traffic. By using a multi-store strategy, targeted promotional campaigns can be employed, which will strengthen the brand to a larger audience.

  • IT

    Even if your eCommerce business does not have distinct customer segments or channels, a multi-store platform can improve the quality and speed at which changes are deployed. For example, new seasonal catalogs can be created by the marketing department and verified in a private test store that they created. Additionally, changes that IT makes to the UI can be deployed and then verified in the production environment. A multi-store eCommerce platform gives even single store businesses great benefits.

  • Development

    Leveraging a multi store ecommerce solution gives your company the flexibility to react to changing consumer demands and competitive pressures. If your company is considering entering a new market with new products, create a separate storefront for a soft-launch. The success of such a test could give you insight on consumer reaction, product improvement and pricing.

  • Sales

    If your company sells items wholesale and retail, multiple online storefronts may be beneficial to separate these channels. For example, you may develop a B2B ecommerce store that offers volume discounted pricing to your wholesale customers. Your B2C ecommerce channel can run independently with retail-specific promotions and pricing.

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