Frequently asked questions about the Multifront ecommerce solution.

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Ecommerce Platform Business FAQ's

What are Multifront Single Store, Multi Store Ecommerce and Marketplace?

Single Store, Multi Store ecommerce and Multi Tenant with Marketplace are the industry leading ecommerce business strategies that enable businesses to quickly launch one to hundreds of ecommerce websites and mobile stores using a single integrated system.

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Who are some of the leading brands that use the Znode Multifront ecommerce solution?

Znode customers include leading global brands such as Parts Express, Vitamix, Sonos, LoJack, Wawa, Fechheimer (a Berkshire Hathaway Company), Waste Management, Channelock, and many others.

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I have an existing ecommerce website. How can I benefit from the Multifront ecommerce platform?

Multifront elevates your ecommerce website to a whole different level. Using the Multifront ecommerce solution, you can significantly improve your online conversion rate, acquire more customers than previously possible, accelerate your speed-to-market and lower the total cost of ownership using innovative processes. Implementing the Multifront ecommerce platform will result in a significantly increased overall value for your business.

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I only need a single ecommerce store. Can I still benefit from Multifront's enterprise-level capability?

Yes. Multifront can be used to launch a single online store. For customers interested in deploying a single ecommerce website, we recommend the Multifront Single Store ecommerce business strategy. Using Multifront can significantly increase your customer acquisition and help you gain competitive advantage.

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How is Znode Multifront different from other ecommerce solutions?

Most ecommerce platforms available today are utilitarian – they simply let you launch online stores and sell your products. The real question you should ask is: Does your ecommerce store give your marketing department the power to market quickly & effectively and make you the dominant player in your industry? Znode's Multifront ecommerce platform gives your business a significant competitive advantage using innovative, cutting-edge ecommerce business strategies.


How can Multifront help with my Marketing efforts?

Multifront includes a powerful, user-friendly dashboard that can be used by merchandisers and marketers to have the ultimate control over your ecommerce website. The dashboard significantly increases speed-to-market by allowing marketers to quickly make catalog changes and launch personalized promotional campaigns.


How does Multifront help with SEO campaigns and management?

Multifront takes ecommerce SEO to a whole different level. It has been built from the ground up to include over 20 SEO best practices. Moreover, ecommerce SEO capability has been independently verified by a leading SEO agency in the US (Prime Visibility).

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Is the Multifront ecommerce software PCI compliant?

Yes. All versions of Multifront are PABP (Payment Application Best Practices) certified which is required for PCI compliance.

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How much does the Multifront ecommerce platform cost?

The Multifront ecommerce solution can be licensed as perpetual software or subscription-based. Pricing depends on various factors such as the number of ecommerce sites, number of servers, amount of CPUs, virtualization, performance requirements and load-balanced configuration.

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Does Multifront reduce the Total Cost of Ownership?

Yes. Multifront significantly increases efficiency by allowing you to run hundreds of stores using a single system. You can create a single catalog and then segment it based on each store hence reducing the effort to manage separate catalogs. The Multifront ecommerce solution also significantly reduces the amount of IT involvement required to maintain it on an ongoing basis by empowering marketers and ecommerce professionals to have complete control.


Ecommerce Platform Technical FAQ's

Can I use Multifront Single Store, Multi Store ecommerce or Marketplace to develop highly customized ecommerce websites?
Yes. the Multifront ecommerce platform includes C# and ASP.NET open source code with over 20 business libraries that enable 100% customization of your ecommerce website. The look and feel of your online store can be customized using standards based ASP.NET Master Page templates and CSS.

What is the technology Architecture?
Znode Multifront is a .NET ecommerce platform. Multifront offers a powerful enterprise-class development platform for .NET developers. It’s unique flexible ASP.NET Architecture enables developers to create rich, custom tailored solutions faster than ever before.

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Is Multifront based on industry standards?
Yes. Multifront has been meticulously built from the ground up to follow various industry standards and comply with Microsoft® Prescribed Patterns and Practices. This approach significantly reduces the learning curve and allows your development team to focus more on business specific requirements.

What are the system requirements for customization?
The Multifront ecommerce platform uses Visual Studio 2012 for development. Multifront requires .NET framework 4.0 and SQL Server 2008.

What are the browsers supported?
Multifront supports all major browsers and their commonly used versions including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome.

How do I integrate the Multifront ecommerce platform with other systems?
Multifront features a highly robust API that enables you to integrate with virtually any third party systems including ERP, Accounting, CMS, CRM and more. 

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Can Multifront handle high performance and large product catalogs?
Yes. For instance, Multifront can easily handle 8+ million unique visitors per month using just 2 web servers (with 100,000 products and 10 stores). By adding additional CPUs and load balanced web servers, your solution can scale easily. The Multifront ecommerce software allows you to list unlimited products.

How can I evaluate a Znode ecommerce solution?
There are a few ways for you to begin evaluating:

Option 1: Take a video tour of Multifront
Option 2: Schedule a personalized demo
Option 3: Speak to a Znode representative



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