Increase traffic with comprehensive ecommerce SEO management tools.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the most important strategies used by successful online businesses to drive traffic to their online stores. The more traffic you’re able to generate, the more customers and sales your business will convert. 

A comprehensive ecommerce SEO strategy for your ecommerce website requires time and effort to correctly implement and maintain. The Multifront® ecommerce platform offers powerful out-of-the-box SEO tools, including proven SEO capabilities and best practices, to help fully manage your ecommerce search engine strategy.

From within the Multifront® simplified dashboard, you have the ability to quickly and easily manage your ecommerce SEO strategy, or you can outsource your ecommerce search engine optimization to an outside agency specializing in search engine marketing.

Increasing ecommerce site traffic through on-page search engine optimization.

Online businesses and ecommerce sites spend so much time focusing on products and look and feel, they often overlook one of the most important and critical aspects to a successful ecommerce strategy - search engine optimization. 

In order for customers to be able to purchase your great products, and view your personalized and customized online stores, they must first be able to find them! Without the right SEO management tools to fully optimize your ecommerce site for Google, Bing, and other search engines, you will still struggle to increase conversions and improve sales as the web continues to become increasingly competitive. 

With Multifront, you have the powerful and comprehensive toolset needed to manage and optimize your online stores in-house, or with the help of an outside SEO agency.

Take An Online Tour

View our Multifront® demo and see how you can set up different product catalogs, brands, promotions and more. You will also be given the ability to login and interact with our simplified user dashboard.

Easy-to-manage SEO.

As most marketers know, SEO management and site optimization is a time consuming and manual process. Multifront helps reduce the amount of effort and time invloved by offering many out-of-the-box SEO tools to help you manage and implement your ecommerce SEO strategy. Some businesses might still find it more efficient to outsource their SEO operations to external agencies that specialize in this field.

In-house SEO Manager

Your organization may have the expertise in-house to manage your ecommerce SEO strategy by leveraging the comprehensive tools available in Multifront.

Since most of Multifront’s powerful SEO options are located within the admin dashboard, your SEO manager or marketing team can quickly and easily implement and manage everything from 301 redirects to product meta data and image ALT tags.

Your team can customize every product page for better page rankings and increased online store traffic.

Outsourced SEO

With search engine optimization being such an important and time consuming process, some businesses may opt to simply outsource their SEO management to an outside SEO agency.

The SEO login located within Multifront allows external SEO agencies to constantly manage your ecommerce SEO campaigns without requiring development.

The SEO login also ensures customers data stays protected by restricting agencies from seeing sensitive information such as customers and orders.

Ecommerce SEO Best Practices.

The Multifront ecommerce software platform is loaded with powerful out-of-the-box SEO best practices like an advanced 301 redirect feature to automatically update pages when products have been switched in the catalog. Your organization will have the ability to customize the content critical to high page rankings, increased site traffic, and increased sales.


301 Redirects
Quickly and easily implement 301 redirects to automatically update your online store pages when products have been switched in the catalog.

Meta Descriptions
Define custom meta descriptions for each product in your online stores. This gives you the ability to tell Google and other search engines what your product and brand pages are about.

Analytics Code
Deploy Google Analytics and other search engine analytics code to every product and brand page of your ecommerce site with ease. You can then collect customer data from your online store pages and view it in reports.

Page Linking
Support for linking of product pages and content pages. Having the ability to quickly and easily link to product and content pages greatly helps improves internal linking.

Custom Static Pages
Create custom static pages for ecommerce search engine optimization content.

Hosted On Root Domain
Host your online stores on the ecommerce site’s root domain rather than on sub-domains. SEO wise, this is very important. Since search engine use domain authority to rank sites, hosting all of your online stores and products on the root domain will help improve page rankings.

SEO Microsites
Create SEO microsites for your online stores to help increase digital real estate and sell to different customer segments and markets.

Static URLs
Use and create static URLs for every product and brand page in your online store. This allows for user-friendly URLs with more prominent keywords and better clickthrough rates.

Meta Keywords
Create custom meta keywords for your ecommerce sites. Define the important keywords for your online store product and brand pages.

Custom Heading Tags
Code and define custom heading tags (h1, h2, etc.) on each category, brand, and product page in your online stores. Heading tags help identify important keywords and product categories for search engines.

Customer and Social Reviews
Ability to implement customer reviews. Not only is this a great source of user-generated long tail content, but customer and social reviews are becoming critical to ecommerce SEO strategy as search engine continue to place more and more importance on social and peer generated content.

SEO Below The Fold
Place additional SEO content below the fold of the pages. By placing important SEO data and keywords below the fold, it helps you align your more dynamic content at the top of the page, which most online shoppers view first, without hindering your search engine page ranking.

Run Reports and Mine Data
Run reports and mine internal ecommerce search engine data to improve product and brand merchandising.



Custom Title Tags
Create custom title tags for your each of your brands and products, or automate your title tags by simply using product names.

Image Names and ALT Tags
Customize product image file names. You will also have the ability to implement ALT attributes, such as ALT tags, for each image. Since Google and other search engines view ALT tags as content, they are a crucial part of ecommerce seo optimization.

Robots.txt File
Access to robots.txt file with the ability to modify and edit as needed. The robots.txt file is used to control which pages of your ecommerce site are indexed by search engines.

Breadcrumb Navigation
Breadcrumb navigation creates an alternate navigation scheme on your product and brand pages. This additional navigation feature helps customers keep track of product categories and sub-categories, ensuring your online shoppers are never lost or confused, and helping to reduce abandonment rates.

Text-based Navigation
Navigation is text-based. This results in improved SEO due to search engines being able to read text links much better. Not only is text easy to both read and use, but it is also more customizable and easier to control.







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