Boost sales and improve usability with advanced ecommerce site search functionality.

Site search is commonly overlooked when it comes to developing ecommerce websites. Most businesses tend to focus more on ecommerce shopping carts, landing pages, etc, instead of creating a dynamic ecommerce site search for their online stores.

A recent study conducted by eTailing Group found that 71% of online shoppers report that keyword searches are helpful in shaping online purchase decisions.

By ignoring ecommerce site search, you're missing out on sales due to customers not being able to quickly and easily find what they are searching for. The Multifront ecommerce platform features:

  • Out-of-the-box advanced site search functionality
  • Dynamically and manually configure how products are displayed
  • Completely customize your search results page
  • Personalize site search results based on customer preferences
  • Type ahead technology with suggested search
  • Full text search for improved results
  • Managed search rankings with product boosting
  • Faceted navigation

Allow customers to quickly and easily find relevant products.

By implementing the Multifront ® ecommerce platform with out-of-the-box advanced ecommerce site search functionality, your organization will be able to:

  • Increase revenue and improve ecommerce website conversion rates by allowing customers to quickly navigate to the products they are looking for
  • Dynamically and manually control how products are displayed within the ecommerce site search
  • Ensure super fast performance and improved search functionality through high-performance indexing and reduced index size (roughly 80% smaller!)
  • Improve usability and the overall end user experience by providing more relevant search results

A recent study conducted by Marketing Sherpa revealed that 43% of online shoppers search by the product name or product category when they first visit a website.

of online shoppers search 

by the product name or product category when they first visit a website.

- MarketingSherpa

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Online retailers can reduce abandons and increase conversions by meeting customer demand for accurate, relevant ecommerce website searches.

Innovative type ahead technology featuring suggested search.

The Multifront ecommerce shopping cart software type ahead feature makes locating products on your ecommerce store much easier for customers. The suggested search capability allows relevant products to be displayed based on product names and descriptions as your customers are typing, giving them the ability to quickly spot what they are looking for and make a purchase. 

Type-ahead technology also helps to virtually eliminate misspellings that could lead to incorrect product search results. Sometimes, online shoppers may not know exactly what the item is that they are searching for, the suggested search feature will help guide them in their ecommerce site search by offering product names as they type.

Full text search for improved site search results.

With full text search, customers can find the most relevant products in an efficient manner. Online shoppers are no longer limited to simply searching product names. 

What happens when a customer knows a product’s feature or capability, but not a product’s name? Let’s say your online shopper is looking for a surround sound system that includes a Blu-ray player. In most site searches, simply searching “blu-ray player” would not yield computers in the results. With Multifront’s full text searching capability, ecommerce site searches will display results that feature the search term in product names and product descriptions. So, searching “blu-ray player” in Multifront not only brings up Blu-ray players, but also any other products in your ecommerce website that may include a Blu-ray player in the description. 

Improved search results with full text search also helps keep customers on your ecommerce store instead of going to a competitors store simply because they couldn’t find the items they searched.

Fully managed search rankings with filtering and product attribute boosting.

Multifront's dynamic ecommerce site search functionality allows you to fully manage and customize your site search rankings, as well as, your search results page. Easily fine tune your e commerce store search to adjust where and how your products are displayed when customers conduct a search

A relevant search results page can be the difference between a customer converting or not. With the Multifront ecommerce platform, you’ll have the ability to customize the search results page based on products, product categories, price, promotions, and more.

Currently running a seasonal promotion and want a certain item promoted higher than others in the search results? Maybe your company needs to reduce inventory of a certain product? Simply boost that product, or multiple items, from within Multifront’s admin and it almost immediately begins being displayed as a top result when a customer makes a search relevant to that product. An item can be boosted on the product or category level for increased control.

Faceted navigation for a guided online shopping experience.

Multifront’s faceted navigation helps to improve sales by providing a better ecommerce website experience and allowing your customers to find the products they’re looking to buy. Faceted navigation gives online shoppers the ability to easily find items by browsing relevant product attributes, or facets, such as product category, brand, pricing, color, and more. Each product facet allows customers to drill down further through multplie levels and values. 

The true importance of faceted navigation lies in its ability to provide a more personalized ecommerce shopping cart experience, allowing customers to search through your ecommerce store using their own perspective, and not through a forced, pre-determined path. It also helps shoppers quickly navigate through product offerings, regardless of the size of your ecommerce business.

Advanced Site Search Features

Listed below are some additional advanced features of Multifront's dynamic ecommerce site search functionality. 

Full Text Search of Product Catalog

This feature will allow your ecommerce site search to generate results for the following but not limited to:

  • Products
  • Brands
  • Product Description fields 
  • Product Features
  • SKU # 

Provide Customers The Ability to Further Refine Their Results Through Faceted Navigation

  • Add facet categories/option to product result pages
  • Ability to refine results by selecting/unselecting facet options
  • Expand/Collapse functionality 
  • Number of results display with each facet option and dynamically update

Use Lucene Index to Return Product Elements

  • Limited number of database calls which increases performance
  • Improves site navigation response

Site Admin Lucene Monitoring

  • Allows Site Admin the ability to initiate new index file creation
  • Allows Site admin to enable/disable services and/or database triggers
  • Monitor tables allow Site Admin visibility into index updating through UI

Type Ahead Functionality

Assist online shoppers in finding the products they are looking for, in turn increasing conversions:

  • Type Ahead suggestions are populated from the index
  • Display of products in type ahead can be manipulated by boosting
  • Products and the corresponding category will be displayed in type ahead
  • When new products are added, fields will automatically appear in type ahead once indexed

Manipulate Product Rankings for Search Results

  • Admin can boost applicable product fields (i.e. product feature field over product short description)
  • Admin can set boost values for products at the global level
  • Admin can set boost values for products at the category level

Search Within a Category

  • Provide a more robust search field which contains a category drop-down
  • Web users can search for products via all categories or a specific category
  • If a category is added, order will dynamically update alphabetically

Znode Background Service

  • “Listens” for updates to indexed fields
  • Updates index based on changes made
  • Handles deployment of search index across multiple web servers


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