Rapid Ecommerce Integration

One of the greatest challenges when implementing a complex ecommerce business strategy is planning the integration between back office applications and the customer facing ecommerce platform. Most mid-market ecommerce shopping cart software is heavily locked down, severely limiting how you can integrate with other solutions.

The Multifront ecommerce platform was built with integration in mind, allowing your business to quickly and easily integrate with ERP systems like SAP, Epicor, etc., CRM solutions like Salesforce.com, and other business software such as Microsoft Dynamics. An effective ecommerce integration requires:


  • The right data, at the right time for the best shopping experience
  • Limited manual data entry to lower costs and increase accuracy
  • Convenient control of timing and synchronization of customer accounts, orders and product data

As the leader in data integration solutions, Scribe has helped companies across the globe maximize their existing investments in ERP, CRM and industry applications by integrating with their customer's need for a revenue generating ecommerce platform like Znode.

Znode Connect™ for Scribe

Ecommerce customers have a broad range of complimentary applications

to ecommerce systems. Znode Connect for Scribe leverages existing

systems so budgets can be used to improve the customer user

experience-the critical part of theproject that makes ecommerce relevant

to the end customer and increases revenue.

Connect and integrate with leading ERP, CRM and Industry applications out-of-the box such as:

  • Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM
  • Salesforce.com
  • Epicor
  • Financialforce.com
  • SAP
  • Oracle


Download the Znode Connect for Scribe Product Sheet

Znode Connect for Scribe is a powerful tool that connects and synchronizes the Znode platform with ERP and other key business applications.

Integration Assistance

Select Znode solution partners are trained on both Znode's products and Scribe. These partners can help you with your full ecommerce implementation and are custom or enhanced interesting needed. Just like Znode's platforms, Scribe can be customized to meet your integration requirements.



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